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Humanity is facing an escalating crisis: the erasure of our common cultural heritage. But not just the past is under siege. The future is as well.

Cultural cleansing, as we are witnessing in Iraq, is the deliberate and systematic destruction of a targeted group and their cultural heritage, with the intention of eliminating not only a people, but all physical evidence of them. It is a harbinger of humanitarian atrocities to come.

Cultural racketeering is the systematic looting and trafficking of art and antiquities by terrorists and organized crime , now a multi-billion dollar industry. ISIS terrorists, along with mafia syndicates and other armed insurgents, trade stolen antiquities on a vast, global black market.They convert their illegal plunder into weapons and troops that seize cities, slaughter soldiers, and behead civilians.

The Antiquities Coalition is fighting back. We unite the civilized world through governments, business, NGOs, and individuals to implement solutions across the fields of heritage, terrorism, finance and law. We aim to stop cultural cleansing and racketeering, to save not only the treasures of human history but also the people in harm’s way.

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Culture Under Threat – Video Series